Marwick Head lies four miles north of Skara Brae, overlooked by the Kitchener memorial. This rugged landscape is home to the largest cliff-nesting seabird colony on Orkney Mainland.

In a good season, a colony of up to 25,000 breeding seabirds can be seen on this mile-long stretch of red sandstone cliffs. May and June are the best months to enjoy the seabird city.

It is also worth exploring the rock pools and beach of Marwick Bay, where a low-tide lagoon called the ‘Choin’ attracts a wide range of wading birds and ducks, the reserve also extends to some of the wet meadows immediately behind the footpath.

The Kitchener Memorial on top of Marwick Head commemorates Lord Kitchener and the crew of HMS Hampshire, which struck a mine and sank nearby on 5 June 1916


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