Anderson’s Harbour Cottages
Self-catering accommodation on
40 & 36 Alfred Street and
4, 10 & 18 South End,
Stromness, Orkney Islands, Scotland
Tel: Rosemary Anderson on 0027 794929789
Please note that a GBP100.00 non-refundable deposit is required
to secure the booking, balance payable 4 weeks before check-in
date. Payment is kindly required via direct electronic transfer, please
use your name as a reference when making payment. Please do not
make a deposit payment, unless you have personally received
confirmation that the date you require & accommodation is in fact available.



Please can you include your name as a reference when making payment so we can match your payment with your booking. Kindly please also let us know when a payment has been made so we can credit your booking.

Please email us on
or call Rosemary Anderson on 0027 794929789
for any booking enquiries.

Please note that if you wish to cancel your booking, there will only be a refund if Anderson's Harbour Cottages are able to replace your cancelled week/s with another booking to replace yours. So if your circumstances change, please advise us as early as possible so we can try to get a replacement booking. A number of travellers obtain Travel Insurance Cover to offset unexpected circumstances where cancellations are then necessary.