Scuba Diving in Orkney

If you love diving you will love being luxuriously housed right on the sea in cosy cottages, where you can watch the sun rise and enjoy every possible home comfort!

You won’t get any closer to sea than Anderson’s Harbour Cottages!  Have the best of both worlds – diving, yet the luxury of every home comfort but right on the sea front!

There are 5 Cottages perfect for Divers – individuals, groups or bigger groups where you can take several cottages all in close proximity to each other.

Orkney has an amazing wartime history, but no stories are as startling as the scuttling of the German Fleet. At the end of World War One, the ships of the German High Seas Fleet surrendered and were held in the deepwater harbour of Scapa Flow. When armistice was declared, Admiral Von Reuter ordered his men to sink their own ships, to prevent these valuable military assets from falling into enemy hands.

Diveboat leaving StromnessThe mass scuttling was witnessed by a school party from Stromness, possibly making it the most exciting school trip ever!

Though some ships were salvaged, many still remain on the seabed of Scapa Flow, making these waters an exciting playground for diving parties to explore.

ROV in Scapa FlowMany of Orkney's old fishing boats have been converted to diveboats and there are plenty of excellent dive operators who know the best places to take their divers.

If you dislike the idea of getting wet, there is a boat with a submersible camera. From the comfort of the boat you can watch the ROV dive down to a German Battleship.

There are also shops selling diving equipment especially suited to swimming in the waters of Scapa Flow, which, like the landscape of Orkney, is thick with history.

Diving in Orkney is ranked as one of the best dive spots in the world. We have provided a few useful diving links below.