Goose and Duck Shooting Season in Orkney

Seafront Orkney Cottages are located within the town and provides easy access to pubs, restaurants, transport, shops and the ferry terminal.

Our cottages are also equipped with freezers to store the shot birds and are hunting dog friendly.

There is a variety of shooting outfitters in Orkney, we have provided a few links below.

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Breeding pairs are found throughout the islands with the highest numbers reported from Shapinsay with a peak count of 2,650. Teals are small dabbling ducks. Males have chestnut coloured heads with broad green eye-patches, a spotted chest, grey flanks and a black edged yellow tail. Females are mottled brown. Both show bright green wing patches in flight.


Only small numbers of this beautiful duck nest in Orkney, possibly as few as 50 pairs but it is our commonest duck species in winter with probably over 30,000 wintering in the islands. The males have red-brown heads and necks with a yellow forehead and large white shoulder patches in the wings. The females are much duller, as in all ducks, but are distinguished by a large pale area on their underparts.

Greylag Goose

Greylag geese prefer open wetlands with plenty of grass and vegetative growth. During winter, the Geese live in open cultivated lands, swamps, lagoons and lakes. They have grayish-brown plumage along with darker heads and pale bellies, covered in black spots.  The pale outer edges of their feathers pattern their plumages. The upper flanks of these birds are bordered with white. The dark flight feathers form a great contrast with the light colored coverts. Juvenile Greylag Geese do not have spots on their bellies.

Pink Footed Goose

Pink Footed Goose is a highly migratory species found in west European region. In north-west European countries, the arrival of these migrating bird signals the beginning of winter. It is not right to identify a pink footed goose only by the color of its feet. The Greylag Goose also has pink legs and young Pink Footed Goose have light orange legs. The easy way to identify this bird is by looking at its relatively small head, short legs and short bill with black and pink markings.